Quantico Dojo
Ichoyama Ryu Aiki Ju Jitsu

About Us

Our chief instructor is Sensei David Lamond. Sensei Lamond began his training in Martial Arts over forty years ago. He studied, at that time, with the legendary Shihan Antonio Pereira, who had schools (dojo) in Washington Heights in Manhattan, New York and at Tremont and 3rd Avenue in South Bronx.

Sensei Pereira taught a system based on Judo, Sosuishiro Ju Jitsu and Aikido. Shihan Pereira had studied Judo with Sensei Kotani (10th Dan Judo), Sosuishiro Ju Jitsu with Sensei Shitame (the head of the system) and Aikido with Uyeshiba Morehei (the founder). Sensei Lamond was Sensei Pereira's 44th student in a career in which he trained tens' of thousands of students.

Sensei Lamond then trained with Sensei Miguel Ibarra and Roy Goldberg, two of the founders (with Sensei Bernie Lau) of the Icho Yama Ryu system. He achieved the rank of Yon Mokuroku in that system.

Sensei Lamond then began his training in the secret art of Daito Ryu Aiki Ju Jitsu Kodo Kai. He has trained in that art for approximately 14 years, and is ranked as a black belt in that art for the last six years. He was fortunate enough to be allowed to study with Kiyama Hayawo, Sensei, the North American Director of Daito Ryu Kodo Kai as well as being honored to study with Inoue Yusuke the Menkyu Kaiden (Head Instructor) of Daito Ryu Kodo Kai and two of his shihans.

Sensei Lamond also served as a Police Officer in New York. He received three citations for valor, the Excellent Police Duty award and the New York State Senate Achievement award. He also has the opportunity to practice his techniques on an almost daily basis. This gave him a unique prospective of the art that is not achieved by those who practice an art, but have never had to use it.

Sensei Lamond was a student for almost 27 years before he began teaching more than 13 years ago. He is not a "shake and bake" martial artist, but a dedicated practitioner who has devoted his entire adult life to his art.

At age 58, Sensei Lamond still considers himself to be a student, and to have only "scratched the surface" of this complex and deadly art. He invites all who are interested to come and "Shugyo (learn)" with him.