Quantico Dojo
Ichoyama Ryu Aiki Ju Jitsu

Ju Jitsu Background

Most of our study is based on pure self-defense and street tactics. This is not at all anachronistic, as the traditional style of Ju Jutsu is still the most deadly fighting art ever devised by man.

In a traditional Japanese art, the name can be indicator of the nature of the art. When we find the word Jutsu (many other phonetic spellings apply) it indicates an art of war. This would mean that it would be one of the Samurai arts. A "do" on the end means that it is a "way". A way is an art that only focuses on a section of a combat art, or may try to turn it into a spiritual or non-combat art or sport. So Ju Jitsu means gentle art (of combat), while the sport of Judo means gentle way. Aikido is a "way" art derived from Aiki Ju Jitsu, and so forth.

We teach the art as it originally was. As an art of war. Combat to the Samurai ended in the death of one or both combatants. Of course, we can not go around killing people, but we can bring the opponent to the point of submission by putting him in a position where he is aware that death may be imminent and if need be can be used. (Always of course in compliance with Federal and State Laws).

In actual practice, a well-trained martial artist is less of a threat to the perpetrator because he/she is able to control the situation before it becomes a situation requiring deadly physical force.

Ju Jutsu does not require great size or strength, because it is "smart" fighting, using leverage and sound body engineering principles to subdue an opponent. This is important as the student ages and no longer has the abilities present in youth.